The climbing wall treadmill has many advantages over classical climbing. No additional safety equipment or a belayer are needed. The whole climbing process takes place about a metre over the ground, so there is no need to use any belay ropes or any additional safety equipment. If necessary, the climber simply jumps off the wall and lands on the soft mattress the device is equipped with.

Thanks to the safety of use and the possibility to adjust the level of difficulty, the device is truly universal. It can be used by kids and amateurs, but also by climbing professionals. What’s more, the climbing wall can also be applied in rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation. It provides an enormous range of applications.

With all its universality, the EVEREST climbing wall treadmill is a highly compact device: height – about 3 m/ width – about 2m/ length (together with the mattress) – about 3 m; it weighs about 500 kg and may be positioned in relatively small rooms.

Our major clients include: climbing clubs, bouldering clubs, fitness studios, sports centres, SPA hotels and also shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and schools.

1. Climbing Clubs/ Bouldering Clubs

The EVEREST climbing wall treadmill is user-friendly for both beginners and advanced climbers, and for kids, adults and seniors.

Those who have just started their climbing adventure, may, after just a short explanation, safely take their first steps without the need to have any additional equipment. It is the best way to get hooked on climbing.

Advanced climbers have at their disposal a constantly changing climbing route and adjustable climbing difficulty levels. EVEREST may be used as part of a warm-up, as ‘daily’ training or special training improving i.e. the speed of climbing.

2. Fitness studios

EVEREST does not take up a lot of space – it is about 2m wide, 3m long and 3m high. That is why it may be positioned even in medium-sized rooms. What’s more, the device is extremely simple and safe to use.

During climbing exercises, all muscle groups work, which makes training of this type extremely effective. Despite the fact that such a training is really attractive, most fitness-club clients are not ready to climb classical climbing walls installed in climbing clubs. What makes the EVEREST climbing wall revolutionary is the possibility of taking this type of training from high sports halls to fitness clubs.

EVEREST allows fitness clubs to offer their clients new, very effective and safe forms of exercise. With its relatively low cost, comparable to prices of other fitness equipment, it can make a club more attractive and distinguishes it from its competitors.

3. Sports centres

Sports centres usually have at their disposal vast areas where adults, adolescents and kids find plenty of opportunities to do sports. However, because of the special character and high costs of safety equipment and professional services, such sports centres usually do not include climbing walls.

For many sports centres that wanted to introduce bouldering into their offer, the EVEREST climbing wall turned out to be the ideal solution. Depending on the focus on this form of activity, the clients might find in selected sports centres one or several of our automated climbing walls. It should be noted, that the cost of such devices is disproportionately lower than the cost of constructing regular climbing walls and purchasing special climbing equipment.

4. SPA Hotels

SPA hotel guests are usually the most demanding. When we decide to stay in a SPA hotel we expect not only the whole range of beauty treatments offered by the hotel staff, but also an opportunity to enjoy active relaxation. A swimming pool or fitness halls are nowadays a must. Without any doubt the EVEREST climbing wall can be the special element, that will make your hotel stand out from the competition and will encourage a new group of active guests to come to you.

5. Sports Hotels / Sports and Educational Centres

The EVEREST climbing wall treadmill is a guarantee of great fun for the whole family. It is also an unusual attraction for all types of events and training.

For guests of hotels for sports lovers the climbing wall provides the opportunity to enjoy another sports discipline that will not be available in other competition facilities.

In the case of sports and educational centres and also typical educational centres it is a factor that distinguishes such a centre from the competitors. Consequently it motivates the training companies or integration event organisers to take up the offer of such facilities.

6. Amusement parks / Indoor Rope Parks / Kids’ Playrooms

Amusement parks / Indoor Rope Parks / Kids’ Playrooms – what they have in common is the expectation of good fun and the willingness to try out something new. Our climbing wall could be such a magnet for new guests.

7. Event agencies

We cooperate with numerous entertainment, tourist and sporting agencies. Some of them decide to purchase our climbing wall. Others are interested in hiring the EVEREST for the purposes of specific projects.

If you are looking for new event concepts, and you want to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your clients, please contact us!

8. Rehabilitation Centres / Sports Rehabilitation Centres

When climbing, you use basically all muscle groups. To make all those muscles work, your lungs saturate the blood with oxygen, which is being pumped into the body by the heart. All the activities are conducted by your brain – it decides which climbing hold is best for your hand, where to put your foot and how to keep safe. Therefore the climbing is a great physical and mental exercise.

That is why therapy with an automated climbing wall is becoming more and more popular among people with mental and physical disabilities (in rehabilitation centres), but also in injury prevention and the treatment of injuries of the locomotor system (in sports rehabilitation centres).

An additional element that has a positive impact on rehabilitation with a climbing wall is the patient’s increased motivation. Exercising on equipment, which is so unlike other typical devices used in rehabilitation, generates the patient’s enthusiasm and makes him or her willing to continue with the exercises. This, in turn, has a positive influence on the effectiveness of the therapeutic process.

9. Schools and Sports Schools

It is getting harder to motivate school-age adolescents to do exercises in P.E. classes. In many cases it seems to be justified when they have at their disposal the climbing frames that were used by their parents.

As a part of a promotion, we made available to some selected schools a couple of EVEREST climbing walls. What is interesting, the poor attendance at P.E. classes improved at this time by almost 100%. Given the fact that the level of difficulty can be easily adjusted, making the device available for everyone, no matter the level of their physical fitness, this should not be surprising. The modern appearance of the device and the attractiveness of climbing as a form of physical activity highly motivate young people.

Young people around the world are getting more and more interested in climbing these days. Some of them treat this type of activity only as stamina training, while others go further and take up rock climbing or mountaineering. Probably, in the future, the need for climbing instructors will grow. Therefore, climbing wall treadmills have become really attractive equipment, creating the opportunity for school children to start their journey towards professional climbing or becoming climbing instructors.

10. Shopping Malls

The attractiveness of the EVEREST climbing wall treadmill has lured numerous managers of shopping and entertainment centres. Especially after the first press articles we have observed an increased number of enquiries from this group of clients.

In the case of shopping malls, the use of an Everest climbing wall does not have to be limited only to making a given event more attractive. This device can become a fixed component of a playground for children or a separate attraction, and, at the same time, the source of additional income. Due to its compact size, there is no need for a huge space. Also no additional safety measures are necessary. As a result, it is perfect bait for additional clients.

When answering enquiries, we confirm that the device may be bought, hired for a single event or leased for a period of time.

11. Other Clients

Thanks to its compact size, the safety of use and the possibility to adjust the level of difficulty of climbing, the EVEREST climbing wall treadmill is a truly universal device. It may be part of equipment for exclusive office buildings, cruise ferries and other places where people seek active relaxation and new experiences.