About us

EVEREST CLIMBING is the developer and producer of innovative devices that set new trends in the areas of  sport,  entertainment,  recreation  and  rehabilitation.

Our flagship product is the rotating climbing wall “EVEREST”, whose first generation was introduced in 2015. Since that time, we have grown dynamically and are now producing our climbing walls in four variants: PROFESSIONAL, EVENT, FITNESS and KIDS.

The innovative solutions we have applied make the EVEREST climbing walls one of the most advanced and versatile devices of its type in the world:
1.  in the sports field they are perfect equipment for functional training,
2.  by the entertainment industry they are used for various events for children and adults,
3.  in more and more hotels and pensions, they provide an active recreation for the guests,
4.  our climbing walls complement also the offer of the Indoor Playgrounds and the Indoor Soccer Halls,
5.  finally they are used as rehabilitation equipment in the medical practice for physiotherapy.

Since 2017, we have opened an additional unit that organizes diverse EVENTS with our climbing walls. Our equipment can now be also rented for various matters (short or long term, with or without our staff)!