Climbing Wall

Thanks to the innovative solutions we have adopted our automated EVEREST climbing wall treadmill is at the moment the most advanced and versatile device of its type in the world.

The EVEREST climbing wall works like a vertical treadmill with climbing holds, and it is driven by an electric motor. The moving ‘treadmill’ produces the effect of a never-ending climbing route. In this respect our product is similar to other devices of its kind present on the fitness market for a couple of years.

However, the major weakness of the devices available so far lies in the repeatability of the climbing route. Climbing holds always located in the same places are easily remembered, eventually making climbing too easy and less attractive.

To counteract the boredom effect in the climber, we have equipped the EVEREST climbing wall with our patented intelligent climbing holds location system. It makes the climbing holds constantly change their location in respect of each other, while not being noticeable by the climber. This leads to the ongoing formation of a new climbing route so that the climber constantly faces new challenges. There is no boredom or routine. Additionally, the difficulty level can be adjusted, as the wall can change the inclination angle from +15 to -45°.

The climbing pace gets adjusted to the climber’s abilities. The integrated sensors identify whether the climber is going faster or slowing down. It is an important element influencing the absolute safety of the device, as the climber is at all times close to the floor. In the event of any problems he or she just jumps off the wall and lands on the soft mattress the device is equipped with.

Mobile climbing wall Everest